HE’S INNOCENT. Police Cleared Football Player. Now He’s Suing Coastal Carolina University.

A former Coastal Carolina University football player who was expelled after a cheerleader accused him of rape filed a federal lawsuit against the university alleging that he lost his scholarship because of false allegations and a flawed disciplinary system…Their sex story: The football player and the cheerleader were drinking and flirting. He asked her if she wanted to have sex. The cheerleader said yes, but she didn’t want to be seen leaving with him because she had a boyfriend. Later on she accused the football player and he was expelled. The cheerleader then told ‘John Doe’s’ church that he was accused of sexual assault and ‘John’ was banned from volunteering and lost his job working with the church’s summer school programs… Doe’s lawsuit argues that the cheerleader’s actions violate the school’s policy about retaliating against those involved in an investigation. Doe’s lawsuit also accuses Coastal of gender discrimination against men, claiming the school’s policies “are set up to encourage and facilitate the reporting of false reports of sexual misconduct and/or other grievances without any recourse for the falsely accused.” Stating ‘Coastal has created an environment in which an accused male student is effectively denied fundamental due process by being prosecuted through the conduct process under the cloud of a presumption of guilt.”  The lawsuit asks that the university’s decision be reversed and the former player be readmitted to Coastal this year. The plaintiff is also seeking damages.


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