GOOD NEWS: Yale Settles w Lakota Sioux Male Who was Falsely Accused by Navajo Female

Yale University has settled a lawsuit by a former student, John Doe, who says he was wrongly and unfairly expelled over a false sexual assault allegation in 2012. Doe says he and a female, who are both Native Americans, had consensual sex in January 2012 and she filed bogus sexual assault allegations in a strange plot to take control of Yale’s Native American Cultural Center. The lawsuit says Doe and the center’s former director both identify as Lakota Sioux, while the accuser and her friends identify as Navajo. The accuser and others wanted to oust the director and Doe and take control of the center to benefit Navajo students on campus. Doe accused the university of discriminating against Native American students, and said he was the “whipping boy” Yale needed to demonstrate a new zero-tolerance sexual misconduct policy. By Dave Collins

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