If You’ve Been Accused Start Here


  1. If the Title IX department contacted you DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM without a lawyer. You will be found guilty and expelled if you do not have representation. Believe me when I say that you must tell your parents. You are innocent, tell your parents.
  2. Find a lawyer who will fight for you and defend your innocence  FACE Attorneys SOS Attorneys 
  3. How To Defend Yourself In a Title IX Sex Assault Case
  4. Title IX’s staff will lie, and try to get you to confess. Be firm and say nothing. Do not be fooled, Title IX is not your friend. Their strategy is to blindside the accused by being evasive. Demand to see the charges against you. The sooner you understand that Title IX’s gender specialists are not properly trained, nor interested in being fair or impartial, the stronger your mental state will be.
  5. FIRE’S GUIDE to Due-Process & Campus Justice
  6. Document all consent. Screen capture all texts, social media, including witnesses. You could be a freshman now but accused (and expelled) as a senior, a day before graduation. It happens. Get consent and save it! Never delete consent, no matter what your girlfriend says.
  7. Line up your witnesses fast. You will be kicked off campus soon.
  8. Think clearly, keep your wits about you, take control back and make a plan B, C.
  9. You are not alone.  Hundreds of college males are suffering in silence.  Here are valuable resources:
    Get Help @FACE
    NCFMcarolinas Helpful Advice
    Contact Students Advocating for Students
    Submit your case to FIRE



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