FORCED 2 Resign over False Allegations. Ex-School Board Member Sues for TIX Violation

Jason Schaumleffel, a member of the Tri-Valley Local School Board, has filed a lawsuit. Schaumleffel had been asked to resign from the school  board after the district received an anonymous letter in March, alleging he was involved in sexual misconduct while a student at Muskingum University. The complaint filed by Schaumleffel’s attorney, Eric Rosenberg, claims two women made false allegations against Schaumleffel after he engaged in consensual sexual activity. The lawsuit claims Muskingum University conducted a bias investigation into the allegations and, as a result, Muskingum University improperly and unlawfully expelled Schaumleffel, despite knowing he was falsely accused…the university ignored evidence proving his innocence, including a polygraph test and text and social media messages between Schaumleffel and the two women. Because of the allegations, the complaint states Schaumleffel has been suffering from depression, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping and interacting socially. By Hayden Kull

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