FINALLY, Accused College Males Are Defending Their Innocence & Suing For Defamation

“I never in a million years thought that I would be doing this kind of work, but it’s important to me to do it because my clients’ lives are being destroyed by false allegations,” said Eric Rosenberg, who nine years ago founded a nonprofit to help sex-trafficked women. “I have zero tolerance for sexual assault, but there’s got to be a ramification for destroying someone’s life. Sometimes the only way to remedy the harm done in these cases is to sue the accuser.”…”I would like to start holding the students who make false accusations responsible by including them in a lawsuit if they outright lie,” said Michelle Owens, an attorney who works with accused students. “If it’s a misunderstanding then no,” Owens would not sue the accuser, “but if you’re lying and you’re trying to destroy somebody’s life, then you should be held accountable.” By Tyler Kingkade

Why would someone make a false allegation?

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