FEDERAL Appeals Court Rules Title IX Can’t be Stretched 2 Cover Every Alleged Campus Rape

Before Paul Nungesser secured a handsome settlement from Columbia University, a federal district judge had slapped down his earlier Title IX lawsuit for gender discrimination. Judge Gregory Woods ruled that by assuming “sex-based discrimination” covers sex acts, Nungesser’s claim would let every person accused of sexual assault file a Title IX claim against their school. This ruling had an ominous tint for rape accusers as well, suggesting that in Woods’ court, they would have a difficult time arguing they faced sex-based discrimination from their schools because they alleged they were victims of sex acts…Now a different federal appeals court has put the same boundaries around Title IX claims as Woods, ruling against a high school student who claims she was raped at a fraternity party on a college recruiting visit.

thecollegefix.com By Greg Piper

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