FATHER Fired For Defending His InnocAccused Son’s Disability Rights During TIX Kangaroo Court

For 23 years Tom Rossley was a member of the Drake Board of Trustees. Rossley is now suing Drake after his fellow trustees voted to remove him because of his defense of his son. Rossley’s son, who is identified only as John Doe in court documents, and who appears to be a victim of sexual assault, is also suing Drake for gender discrimination in a separate lawsuit filed late last year. What follows is a campus sexual assault investigation unlike any other, which has so many elements from other outrageous campus kangaroo-court fiascos it could have been written for an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Sadly, for Rossley and his son, this nightmare was not written by Hollywood; it is their current reality.

watchdog By Ashe Schow

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