FALSE Accusations and Title IX Snake Charmers: What I know

I receive emails from many who are falsely accused. I am often saddened at the manipulative nature of the accusers, and shocked by the powerful Title IX gender specialists who think every female accusation is true, and treat every accused college male as a sexual deviant. The gender specialists are Title IX snake charmers hypnotizing young college girls to believe they’ve been assaulted when they haven’t. Young accused men are denied their college degree, they are isolated from their college community and sports teams, they are denied access to college dining halls, denied access to professors, denied access to the library, and viciously shamed into a rubble of manhood.  Accusers rarely call the police or seek a rape kit. Accusers always call the Title IX snake charmers. Below are some of the accusations that I know.

A male is studying in the library for an exam and is staring off into the distance. A girl in the library files a Title IX complaint because he stared too long in her direction.  He is suspended for one year, and can not be on campus. Title IX says staring is sexual assault.

A High School male senior is accepted to college and ready to enroll in classes during the summer. The male is informed that his HS ex-girlfriend (who is not going to college) called his college to say her ‘rapist’ is coming to their college. The male can not register, or move into his dorm, while Title IX investigates this girl’s accusation of a kiss that happened not at college, but at HS 200 miles away. The young male’s life was in turmoil and nearly ruined before he even began college. A lawyer had to be retained for true justice. Title IX says sexual assault includes believing an accusation from a jealous HS girl made against a rising freshman.

In 2011 a male broke up with his girlfriend through texting. She filed a Title IX complaint. The girl’s father is a Professor at the college. The male was expelled and denied an education. Years later the girl admitted she lied and signed a notarized document stating that the male never assaulted her. The male is still being denied his college education. Title IX says sexual assault includes revenge from an ex-girlfriend.

In 2013 a sophomore male had consensual sex with a freshman female. “The freshmen class was subject to a new political order, and it really had an effect on the impressionable women…these young girls were so unsure of themselves and how to maintain adult encounters with mutual emotional respect that the only way they could assert their identity was through rash and damaging behavior.” The female filed a Title IX complaint. The male was expelled, denied his education, and still can not transfer to another college.  Title IX says sexual assault includes consensual sex.

In 2014 during a family neighborhood gathering a girl pursued a guy who already had a girlfriend. For a year this girl ignored the guy’s wishes who kept saying he had a girlfriend. In 2015 the guy finally got through to the girl. Five months later the girl filed a Title IX complaint for an ‘assault’ that happened 150 miles away in 2014 during the family gathering. The male was suspended a year before graduation. The girl then brought her accusation to the male’s work place.  He was fired. This male lost his scholarships, education, degree, and employment. Title IX says sexual assault includes females who are denied the attention of males.

In 2015 a girl asked a guy to take class notes for her, After a month the guy realized he was being used and told the girl he was not going to be taking notes for her anymore.  She told him if he stopped taking her class notes, she would accuse him of sexual assault. The guy continued taking her class notes for fear of being accused by her. Title IX says sexual assault includes females threatening males to do what they say or else.

To be continued…

Alice True



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