DUE PROCESS, The First Circuit, Boston College and John Doe

The rate of allegations are far higher at elite schools. Given the disproportionate number of elite institutions in the states of the First Circuit, it should come as little surprise that the area has featured a disproportionate number of due process cases. These cases run the gamut—with one Appeals Court decision favorable to due process (Columbia) one unfavorable (Houston) and one highly unfavorable decision (Cincinnati.) The BC case could provide more clarity- and seems likely- at least based on the oral argument, to produce a victory for the accused student. The outcome from this liberal circuit could carry considerable weight… The facts of the BC case are unique: it took a year and a half for JD to prove his innocence, and the prosecutor dropped all charges. BUT the investigation at Boston College took a different course. In summary, the First Circuit seemed most concerned with the issue of breach of contract.

academicwonderland.com By KC Johnson

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