DUE PROCESS Can Return To College: Tell Donald Here’s How

With President-elect Donald Trump, advocates for due process have a much better chance of being heard. The Trump transition team is asking you to tell your story and voice your concerns here: https://apply.ptt.gov/yourstory/  Collectively we can tell the stories of our sons and daughters being denied due process rights when falsely accused of campus sexual assault and then unjustly expelled by a Title IX kangaroo court. Together we can ask President-elect Donald Trump to:

  1. Revoke the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter.
  2. Return due process to all accused students on college campuses:
    1. All evidence must be provided to the accused.
    2. Restore right to cross-examination.
    3. Adjudication hearing should be by panel of peers, rejecting the single-adjudicator model.
    4. End immediate removal of accused students unless charged by police, restoring principle of innocent until proven guilty.
  3. Move OCR under the Dept. of Justice.
  4. Reject victim-centered (believe the accuser) sexual assault investigations.
  5. First amendment free speech standards should apply on all campuses, such that students are free from harrassment for personal political views.

Friends of SOS, we can make a difference for our falsely accused college students, please take action.

Gratefully, Alice True

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