DRAKE’s TWO Lawsuits: A Trustee Father His Adopted Son and A College Community Broken

Drake University in Iowa has fired a trustee board member after expelling his disabled son, who alleged he was the victim of a rape by a female student.  Both students filed complaints, but only the male was investigated. The son’s lawsuit alleges that both he and the female were intoxicated, and she initiated oral sex on him. It added that he wasn’t “in a state to be with her” and “not able to give consent that night.”  Trustee Tom Rossley, who had been on Drake’s board for 23 years, accused the college of failing to accommodate his son’s “ADHD, anxiety, and language-based learning disabilities” and claimed that the female said “on the record” during a hearing that she indeed has initiated sex without the son’s consent. Rossley was told to stop complaining about the process and eventually was asked to step down from his position.

heatst By Lukas Mikelionis

Rossley v Drake/Board of Trustees

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