LAWSUIT: Female Admits To Assaulting Disabled Male w/o Consent. Drake Expelled Male.

Something is gravely amiss at Drake University in Iowa. According to a recent lawsuit filed against Drake University AND Drake’s Board of Trustees, Plaintiff Tom Rossley (A Drake Board of Trustee Member) claims that Drake selectively chooses which staff and students are deserving of fair and ethical treatment. And in doing so, Drake openly discriminates against their students. According to the lawsuit, Drake’s Board of Trustees engage in vicious attacks against those who speak out for the rights of Drake’s students. Tom Rossley (Plaintiff) was one who dared to speak out for the rights of Drake’s students, most notably for his disabled son.

Here are a few points detailed in his lawsuit below:

Mr. Rossley’s disabled son accused a female of sexual assault at Drake University.  This female accused his son of sexual assault. Drake refused to investigate his son’s complaint under Title IX  but investigated the female’s complaint. Drake knew this male had a life long language-based disability, ADHD, and anxiety, which had been accommodated in the classroom. But during the nine hour hearing Drake forced Rossley’s disabled son to be his own advocate and lawyer, while denying disability accommodations. During the hearing, the female ‘accuser’ admitted she sexually assaulted the disabled male without his consent. Incredibly after her confession Drake refused to investigate her, and instead found the male guilty of sexual assault and expelled him.  He was a senior, and shy of one month from graduating and obtaining his diploma.

Out of concern for student’s rights at Drake University, Tom Rossley (A Drake Board of Trustee himself for 23 years) had informed the Board about Drake’s potential violations of federal law, especially with regard to his disabled son. Board Chair, Zimpleman and Board of Affairs Chair David Miles intimidated and verbally attacked Mr. Rossley, trying  to silence him, and told him to step down as Trustee. Upon Mr Rossley’s refusal to step down, they led the charge to remove him as a trustee in July 2016.

Rossley v Board of Trustees/Drake U

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