DENISON: THREE Settlements For Falsely Accused & Expelled Males

Denison University settled a lawsuit with a former student who sued after being expelled over a sexual assault allegation. A female student who was drinking accused a freshman of assaulting her.  According to the young man he walked her home safely, and according to SOS, his Good Samaritan actions got him falsely accused by an embarrassed young girl who was drunk.  The young male was expelled following a student disciplinary hearing. The falsely accused male filed suit alleging libel, defamation, negligence and infliction of emotional distress, among other things, and said he was illegally prohibited from using an attorney and presenting evidence or testimony of his innocence.

Denison’s vice president for student development, said that she “cannot confirm that a settlement has been reached, but we can confirm that the case has been dismissed in the courts.” Clarifying, she stated, “The matter was resolved by mutual agreement and together we sought dismissal by the court.”20141108-newark-advocate-article

The falsely accused’s attorney, Eric Rosenberg, said there was a settlement but the case is officially recorded as dismissed because of semantics.

Eric Rosenberg has a growing number of lawsuits filed by young college males who are expelled following campus judicial proceedings. “I’d like to convey to students the risk of being involved with women who have been drinking…. because later she may say she was sexually assaulted.”


-Alice True


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