COURT Order: Dean Sandra Vasquez Hid T9 Evidence. SHE is Why Due Process Is Needed.

Sandra Vasquez, Pitzer’s new Dean of Students, was cited in a court order for concealing evidence in a Title IX investigation at UCSB. Vasquez concealed two pieces of material evidence despite assuring the [accused] student that she had disclosed to him all information. Vasquez willfully denied the accused the opportunity to respond to all the evidence against him. The evidence turned out to be completely fabricated, but not before the accused student was punished with a suspension.   In his ruling, Judge Thomas Anderle chastised Vasquez and her colleagues for violating the student’s due process rights and ordered the university to lift the suspension against him. This story demonstrates one of the fundamental reasons why Betsy DeVos is correct in seeking to overhaul the Obama Administration’s 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter. By Elliot Hamilton

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