CORNELL: Student Punished by Title IX After Being Exonerated Attempted Suicide

Cornell  is being sued by a male student who claims the University discriminated against him on the basis of sex while investigating him for sexual misconduct. The plaintiff, ‘James Doe’ -a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences – is suing in part to recover damages for emotional distress. The student says Cornell’s investigation caused him to attempt suicide. To demonstrate the extent of his emotional distress, Doe says he was diagnosed with severe anxiety and major depressive disorder after Cornell issued an interim suspension. His mental state worsened,and last spring, on the day Doe was notified of his second suspension, he tried to commit suicide…The heart of the suit is reverse discrimination, where Doe alleges the university gave Roe and her allies much more favorable treatment than him and his witnesses. By T. Knighton By D. Musto

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