MORNING After Bill is the Answer For Morning After Regret

Accidents happen—that’s why we have emergency contraception, also known as the morning-after pill.”        Planned Parenthood website. 

Well, regret happens, too. Regret does not equal rape. That’s precisely why falsely accused students need the protection of a “Morning-After Bill.”

The Morning-After Bill will help ensure a night of consensual sex, followed by next day regret of the once-willing partner, will not amount to a false accusation charge of rape in attempt to rid oneself of regret, embarrassment and a host of other feelings. Unlike the Morning-After Pill, a person can’t “un-do” the sex they had the night before by blaming someone for their once-willing behavior. The Morning-After Bill will help ensure regret does not equal rape and guarantee due process is granted to both parties. To young college women, I implore you, do not blame someone else for your actions that at one time were exactly what you wanted. By Renee Jolly, A concerned parent speaking out

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