COMPASSION For Brock Turner

I have compassion for Brock Turner. Why? Because 1) I have a caring heart and 2) I took the time to read the Brock Turner Truth website. This website presents factual information about Mr. Turner’s Stanford court case, and the players/officials involved. Volunteers and concerned citizens created the website because they are appalled at the unrelenting viscous mis-information campaign directed at Mr.Turner and his court case. Many journalists/bloggers haven’t taken the time to look at the facts of Turner’s case, and the media have been remiss in editing out important details and facts surrounding the events of Mr. Turner’s case. If journalists take time to read it will clarify why Mr. Turner is appealing his case.

“I don’t want him to feel like his life is over and I don’t want him to rot in jail.  He does not need to be behind bars.”   Statement by Jane Doe

I have compassion in my heart for Brock Turner because I care. He should not have to endure bloodthristy cancerous hate 24/7, nor should his family be subjected to a continuous stream of vicious mob attacks. The merciless attacks on Mr. Turner’s family should cease, and if people actually read the enormous amount of factual information about his case, they would have compassion for Brock Turner too, and understand why he is appealing.

-Alice True

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