COLUMBIA: The Nungesser Conundrum. A Guy Can’t Win

A former Columbia University student, Paul Nungesser, who is suing his alma mater for failing to stop his accuser from publicly harassing him has lost in court a second time. “From the outset of this case, Judge Woods has been decidedly closed-minded to Paul Nungesser’s claims,” Miltenberg said. “Based upon that, we are not surprised with Judge Woods’ decision dismissing the second amended complaint. Still, we are exceptionally disappointed; Paul is a real victim, and the 100 page complaint is very detailed and clearly sets forth substantial claims including violations of Title IX, basic principles of equity and beyond.” Paul’s parents released their own statement regarding the decision: “We are disappointed but we are looking forward to bringing the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. If Judge Woods’ decision stands, an acquittal at a university hearing is utterly pointless, since it would allow university sponsored defamation and public harassment of innocent students.” By Ashe Schow By Greenfield

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