False Campus Rape Statistics and Obama’s Boycott

Will someone please shoot an arrow of truth at the bubble of lies that surround the White House regarding campus sexual assault?  Today I read that Obama and Biden are threatening to boycott colleges that do not take campus sexual assault seriously.

It is difficult for me to stomach that the President I vigorously campaigned and voted for lives in a White House bubble encircled by staff who fabricate the truth regarding campus sexual assault. My President continues to resist facts, scientific data, and essentially denies to witness the truth that innocent men are being unjustly expelled and denied an education at the mere mention of an accusation. Meanwhile activists shame feminists and researchers who prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the campus rape epidemic is a myth. President Obama and Vice President Biden might boycott colleges for low numbers, but there is a simple reason that colleges are not producing high numbers of reported sexual assaults, it is because A CAMPUS RAPE EPIDEMIC DOES NOT EXIST.

FACTS. Just the facts. 

David Lisak is promoted as ‘the’ campus rape expert based on his 2002 serial predator theory of campus rape. Lisak’s work is often cited by White House officials, but there is not a single statement in Lisak’s paper about assaults taking place on or near a campus; there is not a single reference to the campus environment. When researcher Linda LaFauve asked Lisak  ‘whether they were about campus sexual assault; he conceded they were not’. “There is, in fact, no foundation for the connection between Lisak’s paper and higher education. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Nothing about the studies from which he repurposed data depended on survey respondents being students, or acts they reported taking place while in college.”

Personally, I am embarrassed for my extremely educated President. He is blind to the fact that Lisak’s study does not pertain to campus sex assaults. But “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Researcher LeFauve proves beyond a show of doubt that there is no direct connection to campus sexual assault and Lisak’s study.  Yet today, President Obama is threatening colleges based upon a debunked campus rape study.  Can this arrow of truth pierce the White House bubble?


Department of Justice states that the rate of rape and sexual assault was 1.2 times higher for non students than for college students. Drink it up. Non college students are more at risk than college students. DOJ scientific data proves beyond a shadow of doubt the rape rate is 1 in 52.  Could this arrow of truth, of 1 in 52, make a dent in the White house bubble of fabricated rape statistics?

“YOU can’t handle the truth”

Women and men are speaking out sourcing research and scientific data to refute false statements about the myth of a campus rape epidemic. But when the truth of factual data is voiced, activists scramble to discredit their words and character.

One  woman who spoke such truths was slapped with a lawsuit for doing so.  Social scientist and researcher Professor Mary Koss shed light on David Lisak’s study.  Koss and five other researchers made a startling discovery about the assumption that most campus rapists are serial perpetrators as put forth by Lisak. “The ubiquitous theory-constantly cited by activists, policymakers, and even the Obama White House-was false”. New data just didn’t support it.  Koss’ research was much more comprehensive and she expected Lisak and his cohorts to accept the new research and adjust accordingly. “Old assumptions are constantly tested against new data, and abandoned when they prove faulty.” But this did not happen. “There’s been a scientific misconduct case filed against us” revealed Koss

Recently, Andrew Cavarno, a college student at UC Santa Barbara, spoke against beliefs regarding sexual assault on campuses. “There is absolutely no evidence of a rape epidemic on college campuses, the word epidemic implies that there’s a sudden wave of sexual violence, or that things are getting worse – this is just not the case.” Indeed Cavarno is factually correct, yet UCSB provided safe spaces for college students who were triggered by the truth.

In Wendy McElroy’s book, Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women she writes There is no rape culture in North America”. The idea is a “particularly vicious fiction because it brands half the human race – males, and especially white males – as rapists or rape facilitators, she says. “This slander would be denounced as hate speech if it were directed at any other class of human being, such as blacks, gays or women. The Big Lie about rape culture contains all the crucial elements: brashness, sincerity and repetitiveness, and it plays off the emotional and justice-driven agenda of people.”

THREE arrows of truth: Solutions to burst the bubble.

1) FACE (Families Advocating for Campus Equality) has requested to meet with President Obama and Vice President Biden numerous times.  As of today, FACE has not met with either.  An arrow of truth to burst the bubble would be if these powerful men would sit down with the FACE victims of false allegations and listen. FACE victims are the women and men who are falsely accused, and in spite of being harassed, beaten up, shamed, wrongfully expelled and denied an education they strive to heal.

2) Is President Obama aware of the three lawsuit filed against his Dept. of Education for their illegal mandates? The first lawsuit was filed by Georgia state lawmaker Earl Earhart for what he calls “illegal and unconstitutional directives” from the Education Department.  The second lawsuit was filed by Grant Neal who says his school dramatically overreached by kicking him out of school without due process, and says the school was pressured to act the way it did because of illegal pressure from the Obama administration. Neal is suing his college, the Secretary of Education John King and the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).  The third lawsuit was filed by the country’s biggest advocate for civil liberties on U.S. campuses. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is backing a lawsuit by John Doe, a former UVA law student. Doe and FIRE are going after the Obama administration, challenging the Department of Education’s unlawful mandate that colleges abandon due process protections and try sexual misconduct cases using the lowest standard of evidence.

3) In anticipation for reauthorizing the Higher Education Act of 1965, SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments) designed a model bill  to bring fairness to the campus sexual assault issue. Titled the Campus Equality, Fairness, and Transparency Act (CEFTA) the model bill supports the rights and interests of both the complainant and accused student, and encourages the involvement of local criminal justice (which has more expertise than campus tribunals) to get involved in such cases.

CAN the arrows of truth hit their mark?

As long as President Obama is surrounded by staff who fabricate the truth about campus sexual assault the arrows of truth will bounce off the White House bubble.

  • It would be courageous for the President to meet with FACE and the victims of false accusations and listen.
  • It would be a daring move if the President reigned in his Deptartment of Education’s illegal over-reach.
  • It would be bold if my President supported the Campus Equality, Fairness, and Transparency Act.

Perhaps I live in my own bubble, where I am often exposed to the pain and heartbreak of (mostly) young men suffering from the injustice of this collective hysteria. But I must believe that the arrows of truth could break the bubble of fabricated truths that surround the White House, and soon all of us who are fighting for the fair and equal treatment of college students will unify together.

-Alice True

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