CAMPUS Sex Assaults: Students Are Guilty Until Proved Innocent

Close examination of court records shows how the mandates and procedures from Obama’s government amount to a de facto presumption of guilt. It also shows that colleges are at best incapable of adjudicating allegedly criminal conduct, and at worst hopelessly biased…In 2015, Brown University broadened its definition to treat as sexual assault any “manipulation” that is followed by sex. The school then disciplined a male student for having violated this provision in 2014. As  judge, William Smith, observed in 2016, the vague provision could make a rapist of a male student who gave flowers to a female student before the two students had consensual sex…Western New England University found a student guilty of violating a new “affirmative consent” rule – which defines anything other than “a clear, knowing and voluntary consent to any sexual activity” as equivalent to a “no” – that the school had adopted six weeks after his alleged misconduct…an Oregon judge found that the University of Oregon had denied an accused student -who had passed four polygraph tests -a chance to counter the school’s claim that inconsistencies in his accuser’s story had resulted from trauma. By KC Johnson  and Stuart Taylor Jr.

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