BLACK MALE Sues Syracuse. “I was kicked out for sex assault I didn’t commit.”

A former Syracuse University student was kicked out of school for a sex assault he says he didn’t commit. A black male student, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit saying a female student, who is white, misidentified him. The male student argues in his lawsuit that Syracuse suspended him indefinitely after a rigged process in which he never faced his accuser- even though he was never charged by police.  The accuser never pressed charges, instead she choose the easy TitleIX way. The lawsuit states: she “never appeared before the [TitleIX] hearing panel so that the panel could assess her credibility and the investigator made excuses for inconsistencies in Jane Roe’s statements. – In contrast, the accused was found to be not credible because of small inconsistencies in his testimony.” Personally, I call this injustice the easy TitleIX way, railroading innocent males. By Douglass Dowty


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