BETSY DeVos Isn’t “Enabling Rape Deniers” by Pushing for Due Process On Campuses

As Columbia University settles a case with a student found innocent of sexual assault, the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is now calling for OCR to return “to its role as a neutral, impartial, investigative agency…[because it] had descended into a pattern of overreaching, of setting out to punish and embarrass institutions rather than work with them to correct civil rights violations and of ignoring public input prior to issuing new rules.” That is, she will allow colleges to use a higher level of proof before finding someone guilty of a crime or offense. That’s not “enabling” sexual predation or excusing misbehavior, it’s making a flawed system better. There is no conflict between due process and treating victims of sexual assault with the care and consideration they deserve. By Nick Gillespie

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