BELIEVE The Wrongly Accused. Expelled John Doe is Railroaded at JWU. Now He’s Suing

 John Doe says the university refused to provide him with a copy of the complaint against him, failed to prepare him adequately for the hearing and conducted a biased investigation. Doe says he and ‘Mary Smith’ both consented to sex, and claims that Mary was pressured into reporting their consent sex as assault by her boyfriend.  Mary’s boyfriend then acted as her advisor duing the sex assault hearing.  Doe’s suit further alleges that Johnson and Wales University conducted a “fundamentally flawed” investigation and denied him “the most basic elements of fairness promised to him” in the school’s student handbook. The suit seeks a reversal of the university’s findings and sanction and calls for other measures that would allow him to continue his education at the school. Read the court filed JWU complaint.

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