Amherst: He’s Raped by Female. Judge Protects Female Rapist.

Remember John Doe who was expelled for sexual misconduct, even though his accuser performed a sex act on him while he was blacked out? Recently, Seattle District Judge James Robart, blocked Doe’s attempt to subpoena his accuser’s text messages on grounds that re-litigating the matter “would impose emotional and psychological trauma” on her. According to Judge Robart, John Doe who believes Amherst violated his due process rights, wrongfully expelled him, and ignored subsequent evidence that his accuser, ‘Sandra Jones,’ was the actual violator of the college’s sexual misconduct policies, does not deserve the opportunity to make his case because someone else’s feelings are more important. Judge Robart argued that since Doe isn’t suing Jones directly, he has no right to involve her in his case against Amherst. The Moral: SUE YOUR ACCUSER By Robby Soave



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