ALPHONSO Baity is Innocent. Yet a False Accusation Continues to Harm His Life

In 2014, a white female student at the University of Findlay accused two black athletes of sexually assaulting her. The university expelled the two men 24 hours later without bothering to interview witnesses who would have contradicted the accusation. According to the two men’s lawsuit against Findlay, investigators ignored considerable evidence that the accuser did not merely consent to sex—she bragged about it later. In my original write-up of the lawsuit, I called it perhaps the most blatantly unfair Title IX case I had ever covered. That dispute is still working its way through the courts…One of the young men, Alphonso Baity, was finally able to find a basketball program that would let him on the team. That’s quite an accomplishment. Students expelled for sexual misconduct have a tough time earning admission to another school, no matter how farcical the charges against them. But National College Athletic Association won’t let Baity play. Baity’s ongoing ordeal should serve as a powerful reminder of why due process protections are so important. False accusations really do have the power to derail lives and end promising careers. By Robby Soave

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