SOS Additional Attorney List

Save our Sons is not offering legal advice, but can help in your search for a lawyer.  You are walking into a college nightmare where Gitmo prisoners have more rights than your child. These attorneys specialize in Title IX sexual misconduct cases. Your attorney can live in a different state from your son’s college, and still represent your son. Keep the faith as you fight for the truth and for your son’s innocence.

  • CALIFORNIA: Veronica Norris Email:  Tel: 714-505-2202   Ms. Norris  has spent decades successfully representing students.   She has represented students accused of sexual misconduct, student athletes, students with disabilities, and university, graduate, law,  medical school, doctoral, and post-doctoral students. She has extensive knowledge with Education Law and working with Title IX.
  • COLORADO: Mr. Jason Savela Email:   Website:  Mr. Savela represents individuals against the government and other powerful entities, (such as your son’s college.) The best Criminal Defense Lawyers tell a true story of innocence and Mr. Savela has successfully helped young men walk away with a clean transcript, even after an initial finding of guilt.
  • OHIO: Ms. Susan Stone  Email:   Website:   Many of Ms. Stone’s cases are settled before going to a hearing. Ms. Stone has Title IX experience and experience in representing students with special needs. For families facing criminal proceedings along with university proceedings,  Susan’s law partner specializes in criminal defense.
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