A UNIVERSITY Professor Speaks Out

When I tell people that crazy things are happening on University Campuses, I’m told by my peers and former friends that I am crazy and that I am the problem. Historically, this is the kind of thing that happened to people like MLK or Harvey Milk. In 2013 the Anti-Social Justice Warrior and the Anti-PC group were under the radar screen. In 2014 they were on the radar screen and got called the “crazies”. In 2015 they didn’t go away – and the only solution on social media is to delete comments – which Social Justice Warriors and Feminists have started to do. Because when you say, “All men are potential rapists,” and you find out women rape, too; when you say, “Men do domestic violence,” and you find out Lesbians have the highest rates of domestic violence, this is what happens.

allthink.com By Malhar Mali

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