A MOTHER’S Plea To Freshmen

In my weekly travels from Boston to New York  I have seen increased traffic full of cars and SUVS clearly headed to a college campus. These students are excited and ready to begin an exciting journey without parents hovering and watching every aspect of their lives. Then reality sets in and some of these sons and daughters will have their futures disrupted, not because of failing a class but failing to understand what campus rules are around consent and proof of consent. I feel bad that there is nothing I can do to prevent the future heart aches of a mother I have not met, the frustration and fear of a father that wants above all to defend their child, and the disbelief of a student that finds themselves treated like a 3rd world citizen. I have no voice, there is no warning I can sound. Other than to ask each parent to be armed with the knowledge that your child has 50.01% of being falsely accused, found guilty, and kicked off campus before his rights are read…because there is no campus justice for your child once accused.

 Colorado student expelled before college hearing takes place

Need Help? www.facecampusequality.org


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