A Letter from a Mother

This week SOS received these thoughts from a mother of a falsely accused son.

As parents, we can’t help but keep trying to salvage something out of the emotional wreckage – we are wise to sidestep details of the incident itself because we know that our sons won’t benefit from rehashing any of it. It’s their deeper, more difficult emotional quagmire we keep trying to see into.

Sharing their (and our) emotional struggles, awkward and hard as it can be at times, brings to light the deep dimensions and commonality of our (and their) plight. Our mutual support pushes the darkness back and offers a hand up to surviving this ordeal.

I smile to realize the truly brave, good, and wise warriors we have become and how powerful a group we are – FACE, (http://www.facecampusequality.org/)  gives us the anchor and support we need to push for resolution while we deal with our current challenges.

– Name Withheld

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