A CALL TO MOTHERS. Defend Your Son-Defend Due Process

I am calling on Mother’s with sons to rise up and fight against the suffocating Title IX accusation persecution of college males. Title IX offers no protection for your son, and in this era of fake news college feminists want you to believe otherwise. There are NO RIGHTS FOR COLLEGE MALES to defend their innocence once accused.

Today is the day to contact these leaders, Betsy DeVos and Senator Tom Lankford. They will defend campus due process. They will reign in Title IX that masquerades as protection for your son. Title IX denies your college son due process rights and mothers you must rise up and stop the bleeding if you want your son to get his college degree.

Your voice counts. Call Senator Tom Lankford #202-224-5754. Say thank you for standing up to Dept. of Education’s illegal practices and for reigning in an out of control agency. This Senator Could Help College Regain Sanity 

Send a postcard to(hopefully)Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and tell her to revoke the illegal 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, and stop the covert College Kangaroo Courts. Teachers Unions- Title-IX Zealots Want to Destroy Betsy 
Ms. Betsy DeVos
c/o DeVos Family Foundation
PO Box 230257
Grand Rapids, MI 49523
Please act today. As the mother of a wrongly accused son who endured a horrific Title IX hearing with absolutley no rights to defend himself, I thank you.  Alice True
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