6th CIRCUIT SHOWDOWN: Male Demands Due Process. U.Cincinnati Defends Itself

University of Cincinnati is desperate to claim the nation’s most unfair campus sexual assault process. In this case, two students met on the Tinder app. The female later claimed the sex wasn’t consensual; the male said it was. At the hearing, neither the accuser nor the Title IX investigator, bothered to appear, denying indirect cross-examination. Panel Chair:’ OK, so the complainant is not here…Respondent, do you have any questions of the Title IX report?’ Accused Student: ‘Well, since she’s not here, I can’t really ask anything of the report.’ The student was found guilty and then sued. UC maintained that its denial of any cross-examination didn’t violate the student’s due process rights.The accused’s attorney Josh Engel faced no skeptical questions from the sixth circuit appeal panel, and made important points about why due process matters.

6th Circuit Summary w Audio Excerpts By KC Johnson

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