3 DAYS Before Graduation: Male Expelled. He’s Suing Vanderbilt

A former student is suing Vanderbilt university alleging he was wrongfully expelled three days before his planned graduation a year ago. The plaintiff “Z.J.” alleges that Vanderbilt officials violated his rights of due process and equal protection after he was accused of sexual assault by a female student. The university’s investigation found Z.J. at fault and expelled him; an internal appeals board upheld the findings and expulsion.  ZJ’s lawsuit claims the investigation was biased, that the alleged victim’s testimony was inconsistent, and that the spotlight on the administration following the much-publicized rape trials might have affected the university’s decision to expel him. ZJ is seeking $10 million in damages, in addition to an expungement of the assault, an admission of fault by the school and a conferring of the plaintiff’s degree.

nashvillescene.com By Cari Wade Gervin

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