140 PROFESSORS Condemn Guilt Presuming ‘Victim-Centered’ TitleIX Investigations

Nearly 140 professors and legal experts have endorsed an open letter calling for an immediate end to the use of “victim-centered” and “trauma-informed” practices during TitleIX campus sexual misconduct investigations. The open letter warns that the “believe the victim” ethos and the policies it has inspired “undermine neutrality in campus Title IX disciplinary processes.”..Accused students face a biased system of investigating complaints and conducting trials, argues Moore. “It is a witch’s brew of unfairness to the accused, and this is what motivated me to sign the letter condemning victim-centered investigations.”

pjmedia.com By T. Airaksinen   READ IT: Victim- Centered Practices Open Letter Want to sign the letter? Contact: helpsaveoursons.com/contact



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